Garden 2021

Sunday, 6 Jun 2021

Last weekend was soaking wet so the weeds had a head start. Plot 1 was pretty clear by the end of the day, but I ran out of time to spray the stragglers. Exotic peppers have recovered - I thought all but 1 Carolina Reaper had died during transplant - but now it looks like I have 5. Caged all of the peppers and tomatoes, tied up some tomatoes with vegetable velcro, and harvested a jalapeño to go in our lunch.

Friday, 9 Oct 2020

"That's why we have minimums."

C19, the deck project, the new puppy, a ton of rain - all combined to put Garden 2020 in minimum mode. We still had fun and pulled out > 200lbs of produce, but it wasn't stellar. Here's hoping 2021 is stellar.

Today we ordered seeds and some supplies - germination pots, growing pads, and seeds.